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Trev you majestic bastard!

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Odin looks like he is going through his rebellious teenage years!!! XD

Me: And just where do you think you are going?

Odin: Out!

Me: You better get your ass back here young man!!! You are not even 3 years old yet!!!!!!

I’m so so sorry you guys I’m cracking up so hard right now XD My step dad came home with this outfit for Odin because he says the clothes I put on Odin makes him look like a sissy!!! XD

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love this gecko so much.. love love love love himmmm

this is beanbag my tokay gecko

so adorable! i’ve never seen a baby tokay before! :)

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I know I’ve uploaded these before but these are still some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. Easy to forget just how beautiful these little Anole can be

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Grumpy Toothless!

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Nice hat. 

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